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six : something one particular likes or does often or nicely; also : one's characteristic technique for performing factors

Out of the blue Pollyanna remembered that she experienced viewed in the vicinity of this attic window a row of lengthy white baggage hanging from nails.

Craftsman's Luggage — Looted crafting substance is positioned right here first in addition to salvaged sigils and runes. Their contents will not go when inventory is sorted.

lure, snare, entrap, ensnare indicate seizing by some product that holds the just one caught with the mercy in the captor. lure and snare use additional typically to Actual physical seizing.

During the Renaissance, Elizabethan England's fashions have been extra ornate than in the past prior to. Gals's wore their pouches underneath the large assortment of petticoats and men wore leather pockets or bagges inside of their breeches. Aristocrats began carrying swete bagges stuffed with sweet-smelling product to create up for inadequate hygiene.[4]

Which means "man or woman's space of curiosity or skills" is 1964, from Black English slang, from jazz sense of "class," in all probability via notion of Placing a little something in a bag.

The DataONE federation of information repositories makes چرم use of BagIt like a serialization format for transporting knowledge deals from details repositories to finish people.

While in the 14th century, cautious of pickpockets and burglars, Lots of people utilized drawstring baggage, through which to hold their dollars. These luggage were connected to "girdles" by means of an extended cord fastened to the midsection.

Women also wore additional ornate drawstring baggage, ordinarily referred to as hamondeys or tasques, to display their social status. The 14th-century handbags evolved into wedding day items from groom to bride. These medieval pouches had been embroidered, generally with depictions of love tales or songs. Finally, these pouches developed into what is referred to as a chaneries, which had been useful for gaming or meals for falcons.

There in the area stood his friend, with a big cotton bag on his head, pulled considerably right down to his incredibly nose.

Great Arthur, empty the bag upon the bottom; I warrant thou wilt look for a shilling or two inside the flour.

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Low-cost disposable paper bags and plastic browsing baggage are very common. From the retail trade like a comfort for purchasers, and will often be provided from the buy cost-free or for a small rate. Buyers might also choose their own individual searching bags to some shops.

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